Reject Bill Wells

for Congress


East County voters have reliably rejected Bill Wells' extreme ideology in his past bids for higher office.

Now he's running for U.S. Congress. Again.

Don't let him sneak through this time either.


"The vaccines don't work"

(OANN interview, 11/17/21)

Which side are you on, Mayor Wells?

"I've been vaccinated for COVID"

(Bill Wells Facebook video, 5/3/21)

"This has zero to do with public health."

(OANN interview, 11/17/21)

"Children don't die from this disease"

(OANN interview, 11/17/21)

"Why not let me have Ivermectin?"

(OANN interview, 11/17/21)

"They're holding onto this for some nefarious reason. And I think that nefarious reason is... [they're] gonna make the people slaves."

(OANN interview, 11/17/21)

On Climate Change

"I'll be straight with you. I'm definitely a climate change skeptic. I think it's a hoax."

(East County Magazine interview, 5/25/18)

"I see no evidence that the earth is heating up significantly other than the natural heating up of the earth, and there's been no increase in temperature in the last 20 years."

(East County Magazine interview, 5/25/18)

On Donal Trump

"[P]resident [Trump] is a Christian hero we never expected."

(Bill Wells Facebook post, 3/15/19)

On His Own Political Ambitions

"My job is not about moving forward and going into the assembly or state senate or running for Congress."

(ReOpen San Diego event, 10/22/21)